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How to Spice Up Your Marriage

Share How to contract your pelvic floor"The simplest, easiest, cheapest way to do pelvic floor exercises and the way that"s been around for thousands of years is to tighten and release your muscles" says Savage. So how exactly is that done? Lough explains it in a way that might leave you blushing but makes the technicalities of the movement very clear. If you can"t go to the toilet for some reason, you have to slide it back up the storage cupboard — tighten up your back passage as much as you can and draw right in. You can sit on your hands so that your bum bones are on your hands and then try and slide your bum bones together without clenching your buttocks," don"t forget to breathe! Right, the next step is to try and hold the muscle contraction and then release. Your pelvic floor has its own special action, drawing in and sucking — it"s the movement you do when you"re trying to hold your wee or stop yourself from passing wind.

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Missionary Sex Positions Ahhh, Missionary. Traditionally considered the"default sex position," Missionary offers lots of advantages to first-timers and people looking for sex that"s more on the vanilla side. However, there are lots of slight variations on it that can amp things up in terms of the pleasure, the intensity and the kink factor — for both partners. Check out these Missionary-inspired versions:

Spice up your dating life by doing a fun activity with your best friends. This will help lighten the mood and take you out of your regular routine.

We literally have NO proven results from people following our advice. What we do have thankfully, is a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Unlike us, Erika has proven results from people taking her online dating advice. If you like what Erika is saying here … you can win a pair of tickets to see her speak tonight! How could no one ever tell Clark Kent was SuperMan? What should they be doing instead?

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Spice Up Your Sex Life By Using BDSM Dating Sites

Have sex without making a sound. See how well you can turn each other on without using the gift of sight. Scroll down an adult website, randomly click on something to buy for the bedroom, and then use it as soon as it gets delivered to your apartment. Put on a random porno and then try to mimic everything that the couple on screen does.

With the everyday bustle of family life, work, engagements, and chores, making time for each other and keeping the spark alive often takes a back seat. But if you want to capture that spark again, there are a few easy things you can do to add a little more effort and break out of your funk.

You have to both want to improve your connection if you wish to see improvements. A relationship is hard work and you have to be willing to put in your best effort if you want a fighting chance at having it work out. Spicing up your relationship is one way to create a stronger bond and have you two falling back in love again. Surprise Each Other Surprises are fun when they come from the one you love.

It makes the other person feel special and will tighten your bond together. It can simply be the other person bringing you your favorite meal or cleaning up for you. Have A Group Date Spice up your dating life by doing a fun activity with your best friends. This will help lighten the mood and take you out of your regular routine.

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Being More Adventurous 1 Make love in new positions. Though you may have gotten nice and comfortable in the missionary position, it may be time for some changes in the bedroom. Having sex the same old way can make it feel like a routine, and the more you mix things up, the more likely you"ll be to want to get it on more often.

Feb 04,  · Spicing up your sex life can improve your relationship with your partner and result in a host of health benefits. Sex is an aerobic activity, which means it can boost your heart health. Sex is an aerobic activity, which means it can boost your heart health.

You can now distinguish between those you want to date and those you want to do the dirty with by swiping up or down — you can swipe back if you accidentally skip someone. Social media plays a huge part here, firstly through Facebook friends, then via friends of Facebook friends. A word to the wise: Best for private encounters: Tingle iOS, free Tingle lets you talk or text without revealing a name and number.

Specify your height, relationship level and a pic or two, and the app finds potential partners nearby without pinpointing a location. Best for long-distance relationships: Best for gay guys: Paid-for premium content includes anonymous browsing and archiving videos and pictures. Best for gay girls: Dattch iOS, free British app Dattch has taken a fresh approach to lesbian and bisexual dating by differing almost entirely from its hetero counterparts. Because women take their time scouring snaps before messaging, Dattch is touted as Pinterest-like, where you not only upload pics of yourself but of things that interest you.

It also includes news and blog content to create a community feel.

Spice up your dating life with EXTREME DATING!

Overall, he"s a good husband, except for sex. Problem is, I love my husband and he"s such a turn on for me. In the last year , we only had sex 2 times, each months apart.

Apr 15,  · And your love life should be exciting as well! People get excited by the newness in relationship; that is why after dating for a long time, dating a new person seems such a .

Sex positions Sex can be dull or it can be wild with the right sex positions. It is vital for you and your partner to explore different sex positions in order to constantly enhance your love making. There are some sex positions which are common and everyone uses such as missionary, doggy style, and cow girl. If you limit yourself exclusively to these positions after a period of time your sex life will become dull and feel routine.

There is a misconception that you have to use crazy sex positions in the kama sutra in order to have an interesting sex life or spice up your bedroom experience. The good news is we are here to help! In fact we are not only going to show you some new sex positions we are also going to show you how to make any women orgasm every time and have her beg you for sex! This is because it is a little awkward to get into at first, and the penis may slip out from time to time if the woman leans back a lot.

Girls like to bounce up and down on your penis in this position, since it gives them a pleasurable sensation when it really gets deeply into them. This is one of my favorite sex positions. Some new sex positions to try can also be variations of regular sexual positions, that is exactly what side-humping is. You can start off in a regular missionary position, then take her legs up with your hands, so that you are holding them while still being inside of her, then just sort of turn both of her legs over to the same side.

This gives you a great view of her butt, while you are still having sex with her vagina, but now she is facing sideways and you are facing the same way. This gives her vagina a different feeling because you are now hitting different areas of it, this is very pleasurable for a woman, especially when you give it to her hard, because you are basically going through her legs with your penis.

How To Spice Up Your Marriage & Feel Like You"re Dating Again

Tweet There are many individuals who want something different when it comes to sex. They are bored of the same style and want to spice up these few moments, so they can feel the same old desire again. The best way to so is using the BDSM dating sites.

I attended one of your book-signings for Children of Monsters in , threw it on my pile of books to read, finally got around to reading it in early , and have been thinking about it and.

By Mary Jaksch To be happy we need to find a balance between comfort and adventure. If our life is too predictable, it feels boring. How is your life? Is it too predictable? A quick way to find out is take a close look at one of your usual weekdays. Now jot down all the things you can reasonably expect to happen next Monday. When you compile your list, make sure to include any regular TV programs, such as the the news, shows, and so on.

And maybe most of your days show a predictable pattern. Which means that they are comfortable. After all, human beings find comfort in what is predictable.

These Kinky Sex Games Will Spice Up Your"Fucking" Life

For some of you, that may not have been a long time ago and for some of us, it seems like decades ago. Whether you like to say it out loud or not, it gets rather tedious and monotonous to live with the same person day in and day out. If you are experiencing a dry spell in your love life, these ideas might get you back in that place where you started:

Yes, ladies, you can finally smell like a spicy rack of ribs, thanks to Pork Barrel BBQ"s Que perfume. Yes, there"s perfume that"s scented like a BBQ sandwich. And the company claims it"ll have.

But you don"t have to stay there. Couples can and do add fun, heat and excitement to their marriages. If you"re ready to do the same, here are 6 ways you and your spouse can spice things up: It"s hard to create or maintain a hot marriage when you"re too busy to connect with your spouse. But that"s exactly where most married couples, especially those with children, find themselves. Both spouses are running all day, every day -- to work, to school, to soccer practice, to meetings.

10 Sexy Ways to Really Spice Up Your Sex Life

Jessica Padykula Share Most couples fall into the relationship issue of a sex standstill at some point or another. What starts off hot and heavy can easily be derailed by stress, demanding jobs, family obligations and never-ending to-do lists. Jennifer Landa, author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, to share some of her best relationship advice for getting back on track between the sheets. She lets us in on her five day plan for better sex.

Sex drive nutrition makeover You might not think that what you eat affects your sex life, but diet and sex go hand in hand.

here are 25 ways to spice up your marriage in just 5 minutes! These are SIMPLE, easy things you can do for your man to show him your love is still alive and that you want and need him! 1.

Try these simple tips to create more heat between the sheets. Sex is an aerobic activity, which means it can boost your heart health. One energetic act of intercourse burns calories, which is equivalent to about 20 minutes of gentle jogging or playing a 9-hole round of golf; believe it or not. Getting frisky with your significant other can also boost your mood. Plus, the hormones released during sex may lower depression and anxiety levels and boost immunity.

So, how can you spice up your sex life?

Spice Up Your Dating or Your Relationship/Marriage with"Mystery Dates"! - The Love Talk Q&A Show

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