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E-H talking pedal I just earlier this evening found out that what I thought was a talking pedal was actually called a Golden Throat. What does a talking pedal do, and how does it work? Is it the same thing as a Golden Throat? They are completely different. The golden throat is a"talk box" like Frampton, Walsh, etc used. It is a speaker driver connected to a tube which goes in your mouth and needs to be miked through a PA to be used. Your mouth acts as a filter. The Talking pedal is like a big wah wah pedal, but instead of saying"WAH" it says"eee aaaa iiii oooo uuuu" when it is moved, the vowel sounds.

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Tweet on Twitter The idea for this article came about when I purchased a box of effects pedals from the owner of a music store which had closed in the late seventies. Most were new old stock Electro-Harmonix with a few other brands mixed in. I spent several hours deciding which I found useful and thought others might profit from the information. I have searched diligently through the years for the Duane Allman, Dickey Betts type guitar sound. After playing through at least 50 different amps the last two years I arrived at the ever popular Fender Bassman.

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Plus, with my solo gig, I only needed a couple of modulation pedals and a looper, so putting all that on my big board and hauling that around was not a very attractive solution. Luckily, I have at least two of every pedal I need. The fact that I have so many is just previous GAS. This gives me a lot of flexibility, but more importantly, it allows me to run two distinct boards for my electric and solo acoustic rigs.

So I got the Carbon Copy delay. I had developed severe arthritis in my left hip and started to gig a lot less, and got very sensitive to the amount of gear I would lug when I did gig. I started using my Nano board exclusively and just lived with a couple of pedals. One for electric and one for acoustic.

MXR Pedal:

Dating back all the way to Got this unit as an addon to one special deal. The deal was so good that i thought that someone was trying to to setup a oldschool swindle and rip me off of my money. Let the sum be a secret between me and the seller Thanks Marko! First of all, the unit was not in working condition. I measured the switch, and while it was a bit wonky, it worked.

Posted in Guitars, tagged analog delay, delay, MXR, mxr carbon copy on April 19, | Leave a Comment» After a gig with my band a few weeks ago, and with other impending gigs coming up where I’d have to use my electric rig, I decided to create two different pedal boards.

However, for decades tremolo remained a pretty simple and straightforward effect that modulated amplitude at a consistent frequency, creating a steadily pulsating, rhythmic sensation. Recently tremolo technology has undergone a renaissance of sorts, and a variety of new, highly advanced tremolo devices that greatly expand the versatility of that wonderful warble are starting to appear on the market.

The new Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar Stereo Tap Tremolo is the most sophisticated of this new breed of tremolo effect, offering a multitude of inspiring, musically useful, and just plain cool sounds that go far beyond normal tremolo. The pedal also provides nine user-programmable, step rhythm patterns that offer a welcome alternative to the consistent clock-like on-off effect of normal tremolo. An envelope follower circuit allows users to dial in dynamic, touch-sensitive effects, such as tremolo that speeds up or slows down as the strings are picked harder or the strength of a note fades out.

In addition to being able to tap the modulation rate, users can select dotted eighth note, quarter note triplet, eighth note, eighth note triplet, 16th, or 32nd note divisions. The pedal even stores eight presets that recall knob, switch, rhythm, and tap tempo settings.

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However, when he wants a specific sound for some parts, he sometimes plays with other guitars such as Flying V, Explorer, Stratocaster or Telecaster. Les Paul 2. Fender Telecaster 3. Les Paul Sunburst 4. Flying V 5. Les Paul 6.

Hey pedal-heads, welcome back to Stomp School. This month, we’ll wrap up our troubleshooting and maintenance series with some more advanced tips for solving your pedal problems. In part one of our troubleshooting discussion, we suggested taking a noisy or troublesome pedal out of your rig to deal.

Rack effects strict warning: Some not-so-common rack effects unit: Ibanez UE series If you consider the current effects pedal craze, the analog trend and the looper"s hype, you could probably say that ibanez was way ahead of its time when it produced the UE and UE rack multi-effects. Hey, racks are not even back into fashion yet!

Both these units offer analog, pedal-style effects from the Ibanez 0 and 9 series that can be patched in any way you like and that can be remotely switched on with the appropriate pedal here is the catch! A non-switchable effect loop allows the use of your favorite preamp anywhere in the effects signal chain.

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EHX Stereo Pulsar A tremolo pedal takes your guitar"s sound and modulates it, altering the volume of it between loud and soft over and over again. The effect can be very subtle to the point you barely notice it, or extreme to the point where the volume cuts in and out completely leading to a stutter - or staccato - effect. Don"t confuse vibrato with tremolo. For instance, the"tremolo" arm on a guitar is actually misnamed; the effect it achieves is vibrato, which modulates the pitch of the sound higher and lower.

At Equipboard we take our pedal research seriously so we can make the best recommendations to you.

So I just recently purchased an SD-1 for $ Curious about the build and age, I did some google searches and (using the BOSS website serial decoder) [The serial btw is ]. discovered it was manufactured early (same style sticker and all).My pedal itself indicates it was built in Taiwan.

It"s hard to imagine what Jimi Hendrix might have sounded like without a lick of distortion, and the same can be said for so many artists of the 60s through to today. The very sound that set a generation free did so by confining the sound itself. Distortion touched a chord with an entire generation of music lovers whose anger toward their parents, toward their institutions, toward their governments found its unique and blaring voice through the harmonic complexity and outright assault of the distorted guitar.

The irony is that signal distortion is a kind of compression , a way to manipulate the signal of a given instrument so that it"s got less room to flow. Beyond that irony lies something unexpected and altogether beautiful, though. You see, distortion takes a waveform think of it like a steady, curved heartbeat and adds a floor and a ceiling to it, as well as a parallel signal meant to stimulate a change in the waveform itself. The result is a phenomenon called clipping, which reduces the output at the higher and lower frequencies with different intensities depending on the device, all while changing the timbre of the original signal, creating unexpected harmonic overtones not present in the unaffected sound.

Stand across from a friend and sing a note at him. Then, have him sing the same note at you. Then, each of you sing that same note through an almost-closed fist. The parallel frequency he creates is the same, but its timbre is slightly different than yours, and the compression applied by your fists only increases the alteration in sound. Now, this kind of experiment is meant to establish a concept more than recreate an effect, but it should start to illustrate for you the way these pedals work.

In direct adjustment to the clipping of higher and lower frequencies, pedal companies will utilize internal EQ profiles to reinforce these lost tones, sometimes overemphasizing them to create a signature sound specific to a certain style of music.


ZVex, the company responsible for famous guitar effects such as the Fat Fuzz Factory, Fuzz Factory 7, and Instant Lo-Fi Junky, went for creating the definitive tube-style bass distortion pedal with the Basstortion. This pedal is designed to offer you everything from gentle tube fatness to full on Does it live up? There"s just something enticing about taking a high-gain 2-knob silicon fuzz and cramming it into the tiniest enclosure possible.

Dating pedals, pot code dating, etc. I"ve been removing this material because: seeing as the info you"re trying to add is actually about the date codes on components, rather than MXR, or even MXR pedals specifically. Oli Filth MXR was incorporated in by Keith Barr, and Terry Sherwood.

Both react quite differently as well when I use them. The"newer" one sounds a little brighter, but the compression doesn"t really kick in until the knobs are around noon. The older one compress"s like son of a gun. I can barely get the right knob past 9 o"clock without noticing the compression. I was just curious as to how I would date them? I was never a huge fan of the Dyna Comp. But as a kid in the late 70s everyone that was anyone had a Dyna Comp. I probably went through 3 of them over the years.

At one point I had an original script Comp. I believe that was stolen--I don"t remember. But now I have a block text Dyna Comp that"s been sitting in my filling cabinet for years unused. In my opinion, it"s not a very good compressor. If you"ve every used a Neve compressor in a real studio you"d probably never use another Dyna Comp again that"s what happened to me in the mid 80s. But I know that there are people out there that swear by them--I only swear at them.

Dating an MXR Phase 90 w/ 1/8" DC Jack

The main problem with this was that when played at high volume the speakers and pick-ups generated feedback and from then on the battle for volume was also very much the battle to eliminate and later control, feedback. In the"s, a Californian inventor named Leo Fender had made some custom guitars and amplifiers in his radio shop. Why struggle to improve the amplification when it is better to improve the guitar and that became his vision.

Over the next two decades, Fender Musical Instruments experienced some tremendous growth. In , CBS recruited a new management team to"re-invent" Fender. They had developed a five-year business plan based on the idea of increasing Fender"s presence in the marketplace by dramatically improving quality and making a significant commitment to research and development.

Sep 07,  · one of my favorite pedals of all time is the mxr blue box. it"s a fuzz with 2 sub octaves that sounds crazy. the blend knob takes you from 8-bit dying computer sounds to a .

The largest David Gilmour tone resource on the net — guitars, amps and effects. Tutorials, gear reviews, features and backingtracks! Guitars Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us. An instrument is all about inspiration. You are the musician and the guitar is the tool you use to express your feelings and music.

This has nothing to do with what models you choose or how much they cost. Some basic knowledge about the different wood types, neck and body profiles, pickups etc will help you in making the best choice. However, over the last decade or so, the MIMs has gotten a considerable face lift and the overall quality is very high. In fact, the reason why they are cheaper, ha sless to do with quality but rather lower labour costs, cheaper type of laquer and apply methods etc. Japanese Fenders are considered to be above the Mexicans and perhaps even just as good as the US.

In the 80s and early 90s, Japanese Fenders were well known for being superior to any other models and the quality is still top notch. Maple or rosewood necks? Neck wood and contour plays an important role in how the guitar sounds and how it feels to play. Some like thick necks and some prefer a thinner contour.


Add to My Feed Guitar effects pedals have become the default way guitarists and other musicians expand and enhance the sounds of their instruments. Dating back to the s when players like Jimi Hendrix began using fuzz and wah pedals in performance and recording, the sheer volume of available effect types and pedal models has expanded dramatically. In the s, pioneering brands like Electro-Harmonix and MXR helped establish the various branches of the guitar effect family tree with new effects like delay and flanger increasing in popularity.

Moving into the"80s, Boss took things even further offering new concepts such as chorus and earning a spot as the most popular pedal company in the world in the process. The past decade or so has witnessed an absolute watershed of smaller, boutique pedal companies entering the market offering more elaborate and adventurous pedals than ever before.

For new pedal users, this massive selection can be daunting, but just remember, the best part of buying pedals is experimenting with new and exciting sounds.

Pedal Parts Plus has the finest effect pedal parts available for the boutique builder or DIYer. Customize an aluminum enclosure to house your effect pedal with services such as .

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