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RF Dimmer Transmitter & Receiver Kit

Share on Facebook Wiring LED lights can be a bit tricky because of the accuracy demanded in circuit values and the number of LEDs in a typical lighting circuit. With LEDs, you need accurate values for current, voltage and resistance, or the circuit will not work at all. You also need to make a large number of clean connections using delicate parts as opposed to incandescent and fluorescent lamps, which require fewer bulbs and use lamps that are easy to connect to the power supply. Fortunately, the calculations are pretty straightforward, and LEDs are tough enough to stand up to soldering with little risk of failure. Wiring LED lights can be complicated. Step Gather the LEDs that you want to wire into your circuit. Most LEDs require little power, so assuming you are using a decent power supply, you should be able to put in as many as you want. Step Note the specs of your LEDs. Commercially available LEDs have two values you need to be concerned with:

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Replace outdated, expensive, energy wasting, heat generating, and burned-out halogen bulbs with Energy Efficient and maintenance free Radiance LED bulbs. Lamp life is rated in years, not hours. Lower your carbon footprint.

Low-voltage landscape lighting is a simple improvement that can make a huge difference in how your home looks after dusk and in its safety and security as well. Installed along walkways, steps, and driveways, or pointing up at trees, walls, and fences, the typical low-voltage lighting system requires just three components: a transformer, low.

Electrical and Wiring Installing Lighting Backyards Outdoor Spaces Security There are two projects that are well worth carrying out to add convenience and safety to your use of electricity out of doors. The first is taking power to a garden shed or other outbuilding, and the second is installing an outdoor socket outlet for your garden power tools. The wiring work required is quite straightforward, but you must notify your local building codes department before you start so that it can be inspected and certified.

Running Cable Outdoors If you need to take a power supply outside the house, you have to decide whether to run it overhead—easier to do, but unsightly and prone to accidental damage, or to take it underground—trickier to install, but far safer. Longer spans must be supported by a tensioned support wire and cable buckles, and this wire must be grounded to the house"s main grounding point. The span must be at least 12 feet above ground over a path, and 17 feet above ground over a drive or other area with vehicular access.

Running Cable Underground image below Cable runs underground can be protected by PVC conduit, solvent-welded together using straight connectors to make a continuous run, or you can use underground cable. Bury cables 18 inches beneath paths or patios, and at 30 inches beneath lawns and flowerbeds. It also provides the safety of GFCI protection for anyone using electrical equipment out of doors.

All you need is a weatherproof outlet with a built-in high-sensitivity GFCI, plus a length of two-conductor and ground wire and a conveniently-located indoor socket outlet to which to connect the wiring. Alternatively you can install an ordinary outdoor outlet and connect it to a separate GFCI indoors.

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We pride ourselves in being a family owned and operated business dedicated to making each and every customer so happy with our work that they"ll tell someone else about us. We are the leading providers of low voltage outdoor lighting and offer a lifetime warranty on our Outdoor Lighting products. Architectural and Landscape Lighting Design Company Divine Lightscapes can create a lighting portrait for your home by using light as the brush and your home as the canvas to create your nighttime masterpiece.

Lighting designs create a balance between the interior and the exterior of your home, increasing living space.

Installing Landscape Lighting. Day. Illuminate your home’s exterior and improve security with landscape lighting The right landscape lighting can enhance the trees, • For specific instruction on how to run outdoor conduit, see our How To Install Electrical Conduit Outdoors project guide. 4.

But, dealing with wiring can be an enormous headache, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. Thankfully, there are great wireless outdoor lighting solutions to fit any budget or design. Is the light fixture weather-proof? This consideration is key. You want to be sure that any outdoor light fixtures can withstand the elements. Will rain, snow, or humidity be an issue? How do you control the light fixture? Here"s what you need to know.

Read More , you likely want your new light fixtures to sync with your existing platform.

How to Hang Outdoor String Lights From DIY Posts

Contact Us Glendale Outdoor Lighting Installation Services Call today for expert Glendale outdoor lighting installation services you can trust. We will send a technician to get started right away. Find out what others in Glendale, AZ have been saying about our services when you click here now.

Hot Tub Hookup. Anytime water and electricity are involved, especially when family members and friends will be submerged in the water, safety should be afforded a high priority.5/5(15).

We are your local experts in LED landscape and outdoor lighting in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. We take a full-service approach to LED outdoor lighting; designing, installing and maintaining systems for our clients. Our professional lighting designers will work with you to create a lighting system that highlights all the best aspects of your property based on your tastes and budget. From garden lighting, patio lighting, and deck lighting to classic path lighting and exterior home lighting, we have the best lighting methods for your unique needs.

We truly are your best choice for Minneapolis landscape lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in residential, commercial and holiday lighting. Please contact us to schedule your at home consultation. Nothing would please us more than having you included in this very satisfied group. The lights look great, and I appreciate the great gentleman you had install them and then return to tweak and add the extra rock light.

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How to Install Landscape Lighting Understanding the installation process In this elegant entry, downlighting from a tree casts light onto the driveway, while a simple light on a post reflects the beauty of the architecture and brings that feature into the landscape. The soft lighting next to the wall highlights the beauty of the stone, while the pale bark of the birch is uplit as a focal point. The chandelier-style fixture above the front door is an inviting way of highlighting the entry, while the pillar light in the landscape brings the features of the architecture into the landscape.

Outdoor Lighting How to Install Outdoor Lighting and Outlet. It’s a different matter at the house hookup. There you’ll need to use weatherproof boxes and run the cable through conduit that’s coupled directly to the box with adapters (Photo 4). Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting. 15 Ideas For Outdoor String Lights That Will Make You Want.

Today we"re discussing outdoor lighting, and I want to show you how to wire up your outdoor lighting system. This is a very important aspect to how your final project is going to look. One thing that you must take into account with low voltage wiring is voltage drop. That is, as you get farther from the transformer, there is a greater strain on your wire and the voltage which will cause the fixtures or the light bulb to appear less bright. With fixtures that are under 50 feet from the transformer, we recommend three to four fixtures per line.

As we get farther away from the transformer, feet, we might only have two to three fixtures per wire, and when we"re over feet, we"re typically going to look at one to two fixtures, many cases even one fixture as we"re very far from that transformer. This will make sure that you have a consistent light output from one light to the next. Now we begin the fun part of the job, trenching and getting all the wire buried.

How you can have outdoor lighting without any wiring

So I"m going to cover some basics that I hope will get you knowledgeable enough to tackle the Do-It-Yourself landscape lighting installation. The biggest advantage is that this type of source can produce a more powerful light illumination. The disadvantages are numerous. They cost more to operate, they are less safe, harder to install and the list can go on. This type system will cost less to operate, can produce great illumination, allows for an assortment of different style light fixtures and is very easy to install.

An RV hookup is the next best thing to adding a couple of rooms to a home or vacation getaway. Hiring a licensed electrician to install a motor home hookup will ensure that both homeowners and guests sleep safely through the night.5/5(15).

These exterior-grade fixtures are typically placed along walkways and driveways, but they"re also ideal for illuminating steps, trees, stonewalls, fences and other prominent landscape features. And because the system operates on only 12 volts of electricity, it"s completely safe for do-it-yourself installation. At the stately s-something home shown here, we installed 12 Intermatic fixtures in three different areas.

Alongside the walkway leading to the entryway are six decorative aluminum fixtures that have a curved shepard"s hook profile. Two watt wall-wash fixtures are used to illuminate the white-painted lattice fence on either side of the walkway. At the base of each of the four evergreen shrubs growing against the house is a watt shrub uplight.

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Accent for highlighting vertical surfaces, trees, objects of interest, etc. Inground for lighting walls, signs or pillars. Flexibility to change light intensity in the field.

Feb 18,  · Low voltage landscape lighting connections using Kichler Quick Discs and Waterproof Wire Connectors are the subject of Episode 38 of

Outdoor Lighting will add curb appeal, safety, and security to your property. We offer low voltage LED fixtures while also using high performance outdoor lighting. Dramatic Structural Lighting Dramatic lighting turns drab structural elements like retainer walls in to artistic focal points that increase interest as well as property value. Business and Residential Service Simple strategic placement can accentuate any architectural element providing superb style and security to both home and business properties.

Security Lighting With Style The service you receive is complemented by a 20 year factory warranty. Certified installers will work with you to plan a lighting solution that not only improves the security and safety of your grounds, but also enhances the overall appearance. Call Today To Get Started Houston Luxury Lighting installs and maintains outdoor lighting for residential AND commercial projects.

We strive to be the BEST in the landscape lighting business! By using the best quality fixtures, using low voltage, energy efficient LED outdoor lighting systems for homes and businesses, Houston Luxury Lighting is one of the top landscape lighting designers in the Houston area.

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Security Lighting Event Lighting and More! With a professionally installed lighting package from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you will increase curb appeal, safety and security at night, and extend your time outdoors — allowing you to enjoy more of the Florida lifestyle. Our systems even allow you to set your lights to turn on and off automatically based on your personal preference. So once installed, you can set it and forget it!

Meet Your Outdoor Lighting Professionals Outdoor lighting design, installation and service is all we do.

Deck Lighting Designed to Shine. Get the right mood right under the moonlight with our sophisticated deck lights. Easy to build into a new or existing deck, Trex Deck Lighting is even easier to set up with the Trex LightHub ® connection system. To take the look up another notch, try the optional timer and dimmer for total lighting control.

Sleigh Ride Features Whatever option you choose, it"s all plug and play with our Christmas light controllers. People will love your blinking Christmas lights! Detailed instructions show you how to hang lights on your trees and columns in light"zones" to get the best animated lighting effect. Deliver synchronized holiday music with your light effects: The Christmas In A Box with Music Synchronization is a separate product offering that delivers the same great light shows in synch with several classic holiday songs.

You can output the music to speakers or use the Animated Lighting FM Transmitter to broadcast the tunes to car radios as they drive by! Create your own custom music synchronized shows: Click here for details. No special light sets are required.

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Homeowners generally can not distinguish good work from crap, especially on the technical side. If the light goes on when the switch is flipped… all is good. If the sprinkler system gets everything wet … no problems here. Check this one out. We removed an existing wood deck from the side of this house in preparation for a stone patio.

The right landscape lighting can provide the perfect accent to your home, and the installation is easy to do. Landscape lighting can add a high-end look to your home, and makes it safer too. The first step is to choose your lighting. There are many types of lights and fixtures to choose from.

The amount and type of lighting will depend on the function and character of the landscape and the desires of the homeowner. Before designing and installing an outdoor lighting system, a number of important issues should be addressed: Consider outdoor lighting only after all of the landscaping elements are installed. This will allow you to see all the aspects of your design and how outdoor lights will accent them.

Make your lighting system flexible to change as plants grow. Before commencement of any digging, a utilities locator, such as Minnesota"s Gopher State One , should be called to locate all underground pipes and wires. If you have an irrigation system, it will also be important to know the locations of controller wire, pipes, and sprinkler heads.

How to Install Additional Wiring to Add an Outdoor FloodLight

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